Make merit supporting the temple


New sacred buildings at Wat Pipphalivanaram

We are now laying the granite floor tiles on two new sacred buildings. The first is the magnificent Bodhgaya Chedi, designed in the style of Mahabodhi Vihar in Bodhgaya, India, site of the Buddha's enlightenment.  The other is Kassapamuni's Statue Building, in memory of the great founder of our monastery.   The tiles are being laid along the walkway around the buildings.   "The walkway is important for ceremonies on holy days," says Ven. Vimokkha.  "We will walk along these tiles in procession during candle lighting ceremonies on Vesak and Magha Puja and Asalha Puja days."  The tiles will also line the floor inside the buildings, where people will pay respect to the Buddha and practice meditation. 

You may wish to make merit for yourself, family, and friends by helping to purchase the tiles and having your name written on the bottom.

Those who want to support this project can transfer money to:

Siam Commercial Bank, Big C Rayong Branch

Account: Wat Pipphalivanaram

Account Number: 946-2-26168-6